Take 20 minutes to complete this test and find out what type of role in a team you’d play.


Please answer every question.

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01. My technical knowledge and expertise are usually my biggest strengths.
02. I think a lot about who should do what on a team.
03. I am often the one who gets the team to agree on a course of action.
04. When a task does not come easily to me, I find it easy to delegate it to others.
05. One of my key strengths is building and maintaining good working relationships.
06. I can be relied on to come up with original ideas.
07. I enjoy analysis and find less joy in planning and implementation.
08. I am not satisfied unless my task is completed to perfection.
09. I am remote, and not always as enthusiastic as the other members on a team.
10. I am reluctant to contribute unless I know the subject in depth.
11. I work well with all types of people.
12. I tend to back down when someone forcefully opposes my ideas.
13. I spend more time fine-tuning definitions, concepts, or techniques than its necessary.
14. I bring a touch of perfectionism to any job I’m assigned.
15. I feel my work must be accurate and reliable, down to the tiniest details.
16. I press for action so that the team does not waste time.
17. Producing a flurry of ideas is one of my biggest strengths.
18. I tend to avoid the obvious and seek out the unexpected.
19. I usually have a strong influence on decision making in teams.
20. I trust logical analysis more than the human intuition.
21. I am not at my best when there are no set plans for what we are to do.
22. I have an interest in getting to know my teammates better.
23. I openly challenge the views of others in the team to get to the best solution.
24. I seek new ways of doing things as a way to stimulate my imagination.
25. I can be relied upon to make sure that all essential work is organized.
26. I recognize talents in people and what they can contribute to the team.
27. If I know someone better for the task, I’ll make use of contacts outside of the team.
28. I find it natural to take charge when the team is at a standstill.
29. I spread enthusiasm for new ways of doing things to get things moving.
30. I openly show my impatience when others in the team get in the way of progress.